Giant Squid
:: Giant Squid
:: Tentacles skin on
:: Wings skin on
:: Fillets skinless
:: Frozen Blocks
Giant Squid (scientific name: dosidicus gigas)
CHARACTERISTICS The Giant Squid or cuttlefish is a white meat mollusk.
CAPTURE PLACE Chilean coast between the first and eighth regions. Important pelagic in hand line fishing.
PRODUCTION LINES Frozen raw material, with a significant growth in products with added value such as fillets, rings, hamburgers and sausages and, new canned products.
SIZES 2 to 20 kilos per unit, being its median 10 kilograms.
MARKETS North America, Asia and Europe.
CAPTURE REGULATIONS Free-style fishing, abundance resource.
FISHING OR CAPTURE Migratory, its disembarking varies in certain months of the year. The highest captures of this
resource happened between May and June when there is a great abundance of this resource.