Frozen Sea Urchin Roe / Broken
:: Wooden Tray   
:: Plastic Tray fresh    & frozen
:: Plastic Tray fresh    Urchin
:: Plastic Tray    Urchin roe Bulk
:: Plastic Tray J100     fresh & frozen
:: Frozen Block
Urchin Roe frozen / Broken, 1+2+3 Grades / Block  500 grs
(nombre cientifico: LOXECHINUS ALBUS)
CHARACTERISTICS Benthonic equinoderms that form clusters on hard seabeds.
CAPTURE PLACE Chilean coast between I to XII Regions.
PRODUCTION LINES frozen, fresh-chilled, canned.
SIZES 500 grams Frozen Block in Bag. Packaging in cardboard box with 20 kg. net weight.
MARKETS Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, United Kingdom, USA and Canada.
CAPTURE REGULATIONS Restricted access catching for new operators. Minimum catch size is 7 cm.
CLOSED SEASON Regions I to XI, November to January. Region XII, September to February.
OPEN CATCHING SEASON Regions I to XI, February to October. Region XII, March to August.
FISHING OR CAPTURE Sustentable fishing with enviroment harmony.