Sea Urchin
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Urchin Roe
(nombre cientifico: LOXECHINUS ALBUS)
CHARACTERISTICS Benthonic equinoderms that form clusters on hard seabeds.
CAPTURE PLACE Chilean coast between I to XII Regions.
PRODUCTION LINES frozen, fresh-chilled, canned.
SIZES 8 cms. aprox.
MARKETS Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, United Kingdom, USA and Canada.
CAPTURE REGULATIONS Restricted access catching for new operators. Minimum catch size is 7 cm.
CLOSED SEASON Regions I to XI, November to January. Region XII, September to February.
OPEN CATCHING SEASON Regions I to XI, February to October. Region XII, March to August.
FISHING OR CAPTURE Sustentable fishing with enviroment harmony.