From Southern Chile

Located in the south end of Latin America, Chile has a coast of more than four thousand kilometres, which is bathed by the South Pacific Ocean, one of the cleanest waters on the planet.

Its climate diversity goes from the most arid desert in the north to extreme rainy forests in the south to breathtaking eternal snow in the Andes. This allows natural producers to develop a unique and varied range of products with the highest quality standards.

As for protection and development of fishing, Chile has had a leading role when participating in the International Rights’ agreement regarding marine resource conservation and exploitation.

The latest available FAO’s statistics on extractive fishing makes Chile third place in the fishing and aquaculture industry, just after China and Peru, making 5.33 millions of tons which indicate a participation of 5.5 % from the total production worldwide.

The Giant Squid is a spineless mollusc. In Chile, it’s captured between the 29o and 34o south, right in front of the coast spreading from the first region in the north to the eighth region in the south, with body lengths varying from 77 to 103 cm. The areas where the highest fishing volume and disembarks take place are the fourth and fifth regions.