Our Company
Frozen Sea S.A. is a company created in the year 2006 with the objective of marketing all processing levels of the Giant Squid, such as raw materials: fillets, fins and tentacles in frozen blocks and processed products: fillets, rings, bellboys, sticks, hamburgers and sausages.

Our objective is to supply markets that appreciate both, raw material quality and the added value of the processed products. For this reason, we produce by the highest quality standards, always looking for new ways of satisfying our clients' demands and necessities.

We are a vertical integrated company that exports Giant Squid to the most demanding markets. For this reason, we have created strategic alliances with mono producing companies looking for the quickest and most efficient way of satisfying all our preferred customers' requirements.

Our processing plants are located in San Antonio and Valparaiso harbours. In those ports, fresh fished squids are skinned to produce raw material and the most elaborated products. Their modern facilities fulfil the most demanding international standards of quality control and the norms HACCP are applied to all their productive processes.

Providing our customers with the best quality is Frozen Sea's main goal. We are specialising mainly in the specific requirements from all the different markets we approach, offering a diligent attention and delivering our products to every single one of our clients all over the world providing them with the greatest customer satisfaction guaranteed.